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August 2022

It’s been wonderful to finally be able to go to the other side of the world and meet such an interesting culture. I’m mesmerized by what I’ve lived, I feel energized and enriched by all this beauty which I haven’t been able to fully capture due to a technical issue with my reflex.  We’ve been in Bali and then traveled to Java and Gili, only 3 Islands out of the 17.000 that Indonesia is made of. A country of 270M people, where so many different cultures, religions, languages and traditions, respectfully coexist.

In few days we’ve visited rice terraces, monkeys forests, jungles, temples, waterfalls, authentic villages where time stopped. We woke up at 2am to see the sunrise lighting up a Volcano and then walked its crater at 6am. Only few hours later we hiked another 2.800 mt Volcano in the middle of the night, under an unreal sky full of falling stars. We drove for days to then take few boats to relax on white, isolated beaches, swimming with turtles and enjoying stunning purple sunsets. We met so many nice, smiling people who helped us along the way and wanted selfies with us. Such a rewarding adventure! 

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