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About me

Hey there,

I’m Jenni and I'm not a photographer but just a travelaholic who sees the world as a photograph.


I’ve started to take pictures more than 10 years ago, first with analogical cameras and now with my Nikon 7500.  Photography is my greatest passion, something I can’t live without and that allows me to stop looking and start seeing.

It’s the key that opens up new doors, the window that shows me the truth behind the appearance and makes me feel free. Free to express myself with no words, through the simple, yet strong power of images. 

On this website you can find some of my shots, taken all around the world. So many other places are waiting for me and I can't wait to experience them all.

I hope you enjoy!


I'd love to hear your feedback and get in touch with you!

IG: non_sono_una_fotografa


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